I come to the practice of therapy with a deep caring of the human condition, an interest in people’s stories and lives and how they relate to family life, joys, loss, trauma, grief, exaltation, and personal growth.

My demeanor has been described as warm, supportive as well as attentive to blind spots and gently truthful. I adjust and select the approaches to use as we work together, to best address your personal goals for wellness and growth.

I work relationally. Often times relationships can be the source of many of our issues. The challenging relationships we have with our partners, parents, and children, are the very relationships that can contribute or heal our psycho-emotional wounding. One of the most powerful interventions I can make is by helping you to improve your relationships.

Generally, what is your mission in this life? Who is your private self and the self the world knows? How do people love you? Do you love?
If you are reading this, your presence here is the healthy part of you – seeking connection.

Change and healing happen via the interactions which occur in therapy appointments. These personal shifts then affect your immediate life. As you begin to integrate new understandings, the quality of your life improves.

Jana Morgan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“Sometimes I crave the darkness, sometimes the world ………. is singing in color”.


Licensed therapist in the state of California by the BBS — LCSW60948 “LCSW” designates Licensed Clinical Social Worker.
Master of Social Work 1991 from McGill Univ. Montreal, Quebec. Canada

Extensive post-graduate training in mind-body-spirit approaches, mindfulness, relational and developmental theories to whole person wellbeing. One of my professional values is to treat the person not the diagnosis. If a diagnosis is required for billing, we will discuss which diagnosis best fits your current life situation.

I specifically avoid using the language of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (DSM.) I do this because it is generally not a beneficial way of getting insight into one’s self, experience, thoughts, and relationships.