Therapy Group for Women with History of Sexual Trauma

Are you ready to begin work on healing from sexual trauma? If you are reading this – there is an energy and interest forming for this movement within your psyche and body. Welcome. I am glad you are reaching out and that you are here.

Group is a supportive milieu. Include yourself in a process that is healing. We will meet you wherever you are emotionally. If it seems challenging to join a group — take a step towards it. We will gently challenge your feelings of disconnection from others and social isolation that may be part of that dynamic. Being with others, listening, hearing, and speaking to your own observations, experiences, and needs can be the beginning of becoming unfrozen, addressing depression, anxiety, stress/PTSD, and overwhelming, intrusive emotions that can range from terror and anger.

You may have experienced sexual violence recently or many years ago. You may or may not realize that the symptoms and issues you’re struggling with now are related to the traumatic event. Symptoms of sexual assault may be psychological, emotional, and physical.

The group is facilitated to ensure group members are able to work at their own pace, in emotional safety, and according to individual needs.

Currently accepting people interested to join the group to a waiting list for the Women’s Sexual Trauma group. Please contact me to discuss your fit and also how the timing could work for you to join. This group meets virtually, via ZOOM.

Healing Group therapy in the Bay Area online with Zoom
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  • Clients need to be in active individual therapy.
  • One-year commitment.
  • Intake session is a free 30 min. consultation with myself and new group member.
  • Referring therapist and I also consult at least one time – usually, I speak with the therapist prior to a client calling at the beginning of treatment.
  • Fee: $60/session of 90 min. Time: Mondays, 6-7:30 pm.
  • Member pays ahead for the month via VenMo, PayPal or check.

Human beings are social creatures. The power of group/community is a necessary element and process in all of our healing.